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Who we are.

First in India that took on the challenge to become the only electric supercar manufacturer in India. We at AV Automotives have a vision what has never been implemented in Indian markets and that is an Indian brand to get on a machine that is capable, fast, efficient and most importantly having an impeccable design both in the aspects of geometry and attractiveness. Bootstrapped till date to our utmost capabilities we have been able to showcase the prototype the we had once believed in. We constantly are delivering the goals and working on our vision to let people pin on the Indian peninsula and proudly say that yes India has a rich supercar market. We will make sure when that belief falls in, we are there to solve all hurdles that fall in path.



A company as said is an architecture over the people’s thoughts that have built it. Similarly AV Automotives has all about everything that its founders once dreamt of. We started with great zeal in the year 2018 with a design in mind and futures at stake. We came out to be victorious in all aspects per say. We achieved the biggest milestone in 2022 with getting out the best what we could ever propose. No one is perfect but we have nurtured and grown over the period in such a way to deliver the best electric super cars the Indian automobile market has been waiting for.

the Product

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